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Pet owners all know the struggle of pet hair floating through the air, dander collecting on your couch and tufts of hair rolling through your living room like a tumbleweed in the desert. Now imagine all of that hair and dander clogging your vents and living in your HVAC filter. Gross, right? That’s just one of the many ways owning a pet can affect your energy efficiency. Here are a couple tips and tricks to maintain your system and control your energy usage:

Your pets can function in a wider range of temperatures than you can. You may prefer your home to be at 72 degrees all year, but an average size dog can get along great with temperatures as high as 78 degrees in the summer and as low as 68 degrees in the winter. While you are out of the house, set a schedule on your thermostat to reflect higher and lower degrees. It will save you money, and your pet will be perfectly comfortable.

Josie loves visitors in the office.

Diligently replace your filters. While this is necessary for all homes, as a pet owner you should be more aware of your filter than ever. It can easily clog with dander and hair, and if this isn’t caught you’re looking at a potential malfunction. If the filters are clogging at an alarming rate, consider switching to a reusable filter.

Vacuuming is your friend. This is another necessary task in every home, and as a pet owner you’re automatically inclined to vacuum twice as often. Look into a lightweight cordless vacuum to get pet hair and dander up easily. If you hate vacuuming, consider getting a roomba to do the dirty work while you’re away.

Clean your ducts! Every few years have a professional come out and look at your ducts to see if a thorough cleaning is warranted. The filters will catch most things, but they can’t catch everything. This will help deodorize your home and keep things clean and fresh.

There are many other things you can do to minimize the pet hair in your home, like regular grooming and bathing, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re interested in getting your ducts cleaned, upgrading your system or switching to a smart thermostat, don’t hesitate to call us!