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AC Repair in Lake Elmo, Minnesota


Having your air conditioning unit stopped working in the middle of a summer night is not as stressful as losing your heating in the middle of a winter’s night. But, as soon as the sun starts rising, the heat starts rising, and then you are going to feel the problem.

With regular maintenance and service from our team of technicians, you’ll be able to enjoy hot weather in style all day long.


Here are the top three reasons to schedule AC repair:


–  A properly functioning cooling unit uses less energy, saving you money on your utility bill.

–  A well-maintained unit lasts longer, meaning you won’t have to replace it as often.

–  Regular maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs down the road.


Don’t wait until the heat is unbearable – call today for AC repair services!


AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups | Keep The Cool Going Strong


When looking at quality HVAC work, there is a large gap between different companies. Instead of fixing the problem itself, some contractors apply a BandAid fix and walk away. But within a few months, the problem comes back and you have to start all over again.

Our company does things differently. We don’t start replacement work until we find the exact problem and assess the situation. Once we know what the root cause is, we do what it takes to fix the problem to make your system like new again.

We never tell our customers that their system needs to be replaced when it doesn’t. If the long-term cost of getting a new one would be more affordable, we’ll give our honest advice and work with integrity to not break up any budgets.

We want what’s best for you, not just what will make us the most money.

We’re the leading AC repair provider in the area for all these reasons and more. Give us a call today!

Don’t Lose Your Cool | Call For AC Repairs


If your AC unit isn’t working correctly, don’t wait to call for repairs. Continuing to use a broken unit can cause further damage and end up costing you more in the long run. Our experienced pros will diagnose the problem and get your unit running again in no time.

Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your AC unit running strong all summer long. Call us today for a tune-up!


Brad Feltz, says:

"Was easy to schedule a appointment for our furnace that was shutting down every two weeks. Staff was friendly and helpful with advice and different options going forward. Did a good job with the service."

KenJ0112, says:

"They where able to come out within 30 minutes to my home with below zero temperature and my furnace not working. They diagnosed the furnace and was able to temporarily fix the furnace until the correct parts arrived the next week. They did have some issue diagnosing the issue at first but did eventually get it taken care of. I would recommend them."

Jennifer Lynn, says:

"Had an absolutely wonderful experience with this company. They were able to get out to my home the same day I called in, after waking up to a cold house in below zero temps outside. And their fees were SO good! I highly recommend them."


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