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Everything in life seems cyclical sometimes, but that’s not always a bad thing. Here we are, rushed through February and soon to be through March well into spring. What can you do now to set spring and summer you up for success? The steps are simple, and there’s only five.

  1. Clear out that unnecessary brush and snow! Make sure that there’s enough space around your HVAC unit for air flow. Let that unit breathe! It feels natural to put your air conditioner underneath a deck, but try and avoid that. You want to create at least 3 feet of open space surrounding your unit, which allows for great air flow and easier access for any potential technician necessary repairs.
  2. This is the easiest step, change that filter. It’s often overlooked and ignored, but to get better air quality in your home, and to ensure that your unit is functioning at it’s best capacity, you need to verify that your filters have been replaced and are clean. This will keep allergens low inside the building and help keep your unit from overworking and eventually overheating.
  3. Every spring, and I mean every single spring, you need to check your units belts to verify that they’re pristine. The belts inside your unit can often crack or wear out over time, rendering your unit completely useless.
  4. Verify your safety component is working properly. This small safety measure can eliminate hours of frustration by telling you exactly what went wrong. It will pinpoint various problems that could have occured, from an unusual voltage to a random current pumping through, it’ll tell you what happened to cause a malfunction.
  5. Make that appointment. I know, it’s one more thing to add to your list, but call and set something up with us, or your preferred HVAC specialist. A licensed professional can come out and make sure everything in your HVAC is working properly, and most importantly will check all ducts for potential leaks. A leak in your HVAC will decrease the output and leave your home hot and sticky instead of nice and cool.

That’s it! Just five, simple steps to keep you worry free, and to keep your home as cool or as warm as you want it, all spring and summer long. If you’re lucky, it’ll stay exactly the way you like it all year round! Routine maintenance is important for all things in life, and your HVAC is not excluded.