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5 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Family This Spring

When winter breaks, and the sun starts to shine again, we all want to run outside and absorb all the warmth we’ve been missing for months. Now that you are outside soaking up all that vitamin
D, what fun things can you do? Here are some ideas to enjoy the springtime with your family.

1. Build a birdhouse or wind chimes – These are fun crafting ideas for the outside. Grab some tools and teach your kids how to use them by building a birdhouse. If you’re not ready for the young ones to use tools, then you can build it and they can decorate with all the paint and bird safe accoutrements they want! Or you can opt for a “no-tools” wind chimes building activity, just some fishing wire to tie the noisy bits you’d like to build your wind chimes from. Set up a table outside and get to building!

2. Do some stargazing – Once the big, round ball has set and the stars start to appear. Bring out some blankets, pillows, and snacks, and lounge under the stars while you pick out constellations, planets, and look for satellites or even the international space station! If you have a telescope, it’s fun for the whole family to find points of interest in the sky
and get a closer look. Look up the constellations that are up in the spring time and see if you can locate them all! For the cooler spring evenings, consider making some hot chocolate to sip on while you stare into the galaxy.

3. Go on a photo safari – Make a fun scavenger hunt with a checklist of items to find and snap pics of these items. Go out and explore local parks or a national park, or even your neighborhood or town. Pick different types of plants, birds or animals you may see during your nature walks to take pictures of. Maybe you could find 4 leaf clovers along the way too! Take a break during the hunt, and bring a picnic and snacks with you to have a nice outdoor meal.

4. Host a sidewalk art show – Have a neighborhood sidewalk chalk art show. Or just one for your household. Everyone gets a portion of the driveway or sidewalk to create their own art. Then when everyone is finished, everyone can display their art to each other and talk about why they chose to create what they did. While you are at it, create a fun game of hopscotch, or draw some swirly, twirly chalk trails that you can follow on your bike, scooter, skates, or anything on wheels!

5. Build a garden – This is a fun way to teach your kids about sustainability and how to grow your own food. You can do a raised bed or just till an area of your yard to start planting in. Make a plan of what types of fruits and veggies you’d like to plant, and how to safeguard your goodies from the critters that pass through your yard. If you have a garden already, you can head to the local garden center to buy some seeds and plants. And do some fun refreshing with yard decor!

So get to it! Get outside and enjoy the fresh, Spring air!


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