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Improve Your Homes Air Quality After A Renovation

With winter upon us, it’s likely your home renovations or new home projects are finished or almost finished. You also may be thinking about projects for the spring. When it comes to construction in the home, whether it’s minor or major repairs, they can produce a variety of airborne contaminants that can impact your homes […]

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Department of Energy Minimum Efficiency Standards

Happy December! I’d like to pass along VERY important Department of Energy information about the heating and cooling system for your home and how it is affected by new regulations. We hope we are your trusted, go-to home HVAC professional and as such you should expect us to keep you informed of any regulations or […]

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Is Your AC Running Correctly?

Is your ac running correctly? Air conditioning units have become a vital part of our modern lives. Knowing if they are working properly is essential, especially during the unpleasantly warm, summer months, but it’s also something to think about as we head into fall and winter. Being proactive with upkeep and simple maintenance will increase […]

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What is a HVAC System and How Does It Work?


Not quite sure what an HVAC system is or how it functions? Whether you’re interested because of new home ownership, or a weekend hobby, here is a simple breakdown of what it is and does. What Does HVAC Stand For? HVAC stands for: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. According to , an early form of […]

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What To Do If Your HVAC Is Leaking Water

Oh no. You’ve discovered your HVAC is leaking water. Now what do you do? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. It is common for leaking water to occur. So let’s look at what is causing it and what to do about fixing it. Your refrigerant may be low. Refrigerant keeps the pressure from dropping in […]

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Tips to Prepare Your HVAC For Summer with Priority Heating

Prepare Your HVAC For Summer. It’s that time of year again. We’re kicking into gear for air conditioner season. Let’s think about maintenance of our HVAC to prepare for summer, so we don’t have any hiccups in the system when it’s time to cool down your house. Change or clean the filter. When filters become […]

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Strange Furnace Noises

Strange Furnace Noises, HVAC Repair and Service Oakdale MN

Clang! Bump! Boom! Eesh… I hope you don’t hear some of these coming from your furnace! But if you do hear strange furnace noises, then there may be some issues going on and Priority Heating and Cooling can help you fix them. Let’s look at the sounds that aren’t from the normal functioning of your […]

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Things To Do Before You Turn On Your Air Conditioner


We’re approaching those hot summer months, so it’s time to think about keeping your home cool and comfortable. And what steps you can do now, to be ready to turn that good ole, refreshing Air Conditioner on! • Check the exterior air conditioning unit. While you are cleaning up the yard in the spring, don’t […]

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Home Remodeling HVAC Concerns

For those brave souls that are venturing into home remodeling, there are many things you need to think about and consider before someone starts swinging a hammer. Including, the most important part: the planning stage. Depending on how big your remodel is, you may start entering into the territory of running into your duct work […]

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New Year HVAC Tips

It’s a NEW Year! Start Off the Year with These HVAC Tips The Earth has entered that random point of orbit indicating it’s the time for a new year to begin! And with that, there are the oh-so-fun maintenance items that can be added to your checklist to start the year off right! One of […]

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