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New Year HVAC Tips

It’s a NEW Year! Start Off the Year with These HVAC Tips

The Earth has entered that random point of orbit indicating it’s the time for a new year to begin! And with that, there are the oh-so-fun maintenance items that can be added to your checklist to start the year off right! One of those checklist items is an important one, especially in these winter months, to keep your HVAC system running smoothly to keep you nice and toasty!

New Year’s HVAC Tips:
Learn something new in the new year – If you’re not up-to-speed on your HVAC, take some time to really get to know your system by looking through the manual. Learn how your home’s system functions and create your checklist to keep up on maintenance. Figure out when the last time you did certain tasks, then add them to your calendar when the time comes to remember when you should do each task! It’s great to have a basic knowledge of how everything works, and if you still don’t want to tackle maintenance, you can call a professional to help.

Swap your filters – Help your home stay free of air contaminants by keeping your filters clean. If you can’t remember when the last time you replaced your filters, it’s probably
been too long. They should typically be changed every three months.

Add a programmable thermostat – Think about investing in a smart thermostat to help save on monthly bills. You can also check off your New Year’s Resolution list to be more eco-friendly with this task. By getting a programmable thermostat you can help reduce the amount of energy and heat you need by setting the thermostat to be at lower temps when you are away from home or sleeping, and save a little moolah on your heating bills.

Think about preventative maintenance – Have a professional come do an inspection to make sure everything is running smoothly, check for duct leaks so you’re not losing valuable heat in these cold months, and clean your ducts so they are free of dust and debris for easier breathing.

These are some great ways to start your New Year off right! Welcome to our blog and connect with us today to talk about your HVAC maintenance needs! We’re always here to help you have a comfy home!


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