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Is Your AC Running Correctly?

Is your ac running correctly?Is your ac running correctly? Air conditioning units have become a vital part of our modern lives. Knowing if they are working properly is essential, especially during the unpleasantly warm, summer months, but it’s also something to think about as we head into fall and winter. Being proactive with upkeep and simple maintenance will increase your unit’s lifespan and help manage your monthly bill. It will also be less of an issue come spring, when it comes time to use again. You can rest easy knowing that it is working properly.

There are many ways to test if your AC is running at its optimum efficiency levels.

Here are five ways to inspect your unit’s health and be proactive in avoiding unnecessary future expenditures.
1) Measure the Unit’s Temperature
For this test, you only need a thermostat. For more conclusive and efficient results, it's best if this is done on a day sporting higher temperatures.
● Turn your AC on to 80 degrees and let it run for 15 minutes.
● Place the thermostat on the supply register and leave for five minutes.
● Get a temperature reading from the air entering the return vent. This is the warm air from around your home that is fed into the AC unit.

If you do not know the difference between the return and the supply vent, put a paper towel over both options. The one that blows the paper towel is the supply vent. Just as, the one that pulls the paper towel is the return vent. Leave the thermostat in the return vent for five minutes. The air cycling back into your home should be 15 degrees cooler than the air entering the unit.

2) Inspect the temperature from room to room
If your AC unit is not dispersing your desired temperature, then your unit may be ill-equipped to handle your home’s needs. Hot and cold spots around your home may be an indicator of a too- small unit or holes or faulty ductwork. If your unit cools faster and shuts off periodically then the unit may be too big.

3) Monitor Thermostat
First, you must pay close attention to your thermostat to know when to change your batteries. Debris can also build up on your thermostat and can cause issues with the device’s health. Dust and clean the outside of your thermostat regularly. Direct sunlight to your thermostat could also affect how it reads the temperature of your home. It should also be at least five feet away from any doorway. The best rule of thumb is to keep the device away from any heat source.

4) Check the air filter for dust and debris
If the air filters become clogged, the system’s airflow will become interrupted and will inefficiently cool your home. Your unit will then work harder to cool your home, leading to more energy exertion and a higher bill. You should change your filters every three months and more often if you have a pet.

5) Inspect the Drain Line
If the drain line becomes clogged, your unit can continuously shut off before your home has a chance to cool down. Sitting water also encourages mold growth. Leading to your unit circulating mold spores and could lead to medical complications. If there is a blockage, turn you AC unit off, lactate the drainpipe and disconnect it. Then, you should use a Shop-Vac to suck out the debris. Lastly, give your drain a good white vinegar rinse to prevent mold growth.

If the problem persists, we’re always here to help. If you’ve been putting off maintenance or having your unit checked, you can schedule a maintenance check up or have your unit serviced. Contact Priority heating & Cooling today.


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