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Home Remodeling HVAC Concerns

For those brave souls that are venturing into home remodeling, there are many things you need to think about and consider before someone starts swinging a hammer. Including, the most important part: the planning stage. Depending on how big your remodel is, you may start entering into the territory of running into your duct work and venting. So you don’t want to forget
to think about your HVAC needs.

You should know where your venting is located. Your contractor should be able to help you figure out the common places it would be routed through the house, and a good contractor is going to take caution while demoing the home not to damage the venting if it is uncertain where it is running.

You’ll want to consider your HVAC system’s capacity. Are you adding a new floor or turning an attic or basement space into livable areas. Your HVAC will have a limited capacity of how much square footage it can efficiently heat and cool. If you are going to be in need of a new system, a good HVAC company can help you get set up with a model that will fit your needs. Or
you can have a professional come out and access if you truly do need to upgrade with your new additions.

Think about where you’d like to add new vents for your HVAC. Do you want in-floor vents or baseboard venting? Your contractor can help you figure out what is best for your floor plan and where new ductwork will go.

Consider where and if you are adding new windows or doors to your home. These things can affect the temperature of your home. If they are facing certain directions at different times of day, the sunlight can really heat up that part of the home and affect your thermostat and the heating of the rest of your home. So think about where they are in regards to your thermostat and what new windows might do for the heating comfort of the home.

Since there are a few options for different HVAC systems and your project can become more complex the bigger the remodel you’re planning, make sure you discuss with your contractor what is best for your home or give us a call today at Priority Heating and Cooling and we can help walk you through all your HVAC options!


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