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Strange Furnace Noises

Strange Furnace Noises, HVAC Repair and Service Oakdale MNClang! Bump! Boom! Eesh… I hope you don’t hear some of these coming from your furnace! But if you do hear strange furnace noises, then there may be some issues going on and Priority Heating and Cooling can help you fix them. Let’s look at the sounds that aren’t from the normal functioning of your HVAC.

Rattling sounds – This can happen from a loose panel and can be as easy to fix as tightening up some screws. But sometimes it can be a broken heat exchanger. If this is broken, there is a risk
of a carbon monoxide leak, so you’ll want to have an expert come take a look. It’s a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home to detect this odorless gas. If there is carbon
monoxide detected, leave your home immediately and call 911.

Clanking sounds – This can indicate a problem with your blower wheel, and it can cause damage to the entire system if unchecked. If there is excessive clanking (metal hitting metal) coming from your HVAC, then call Priority Heating and Cooling immediately for repair. If not attended to quickly, it can lead to a more costly repair.

Bangs and Booms – This scary sound indicates a problem with your burner. The sound can be a small explosion happening inside the furnace. When there is a collection of dirt inside the system, the gas will build up and ignite. This can also cause a crack in your heat exchanger, releasing carbon monoxide into your home. If you hear this call a technician immediately, as this is very bad.

Clicking sounds – This indicates a cracked heat exchanger in a gas powered furnace. Again, this will leak carbon monoxide into your home. So have this checked out immediately by a technician.

Screeching sounds – Ahhh… the horrible sound of screeching. This is a potential problem with your blower motor, which functions to blow warm air throughout your home. If you notice a problem with heat circulation, then the blower has failed. This is also going to require a professional to look at your system for a fix.

So, if you hear any of these awful noises coming from your furnace, request an appointment or give Priority Heating and Cooling a call today to fix every one of these issues that can cause these terrible sounds.


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