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A Checklist For Your New Home

The excitement of owning a new home can be overwhelming in many aspects. You’re eager to get through all the paperwork and begin the next chapter of your life in your new house. Navigating through the whole process can be stressful, but with knowing these items it can help ease some of your worry. So before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few things you should be aware of.

You should always have a qualified home inspector perform a home inspection on the property before buying. This will reveal any problems that might exist in or around the home. The things on this list should be inspected by the inspector and they can give you a professional opinion on their condition.

If the house is older than 1970, then they will do an asbestos check. We are all aware of the word known as asbestos. It was used in insulation before they knew of the serious health risks it caused to people. So make sure this is tested for in older homes during your inspection.

The inspector will check for mold and mildew in areas of the home that could have water damage, like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. All bathrooms have to have proper ventilation, with a window and an exhaust fan. The exhaust has to expel the moist air out of the home and not just into the attic. This can cause mold in the attic if the air is not properly

The inspector will also check the HVAC system. They will test functionality, and efficiency, including the home’s thermostat to make sure everything is working properly. If it’s not, they can identify the fix that will need to be made, which you can negotiate in taking money off the price of the home, or you can have the sellers fix it before you buy. Also, look at the age of the furnace and air conditioner to determine if they will need to be replaced soon as well.

They will also check for any pests, like termites, mice, or ants, that might be in the home. If there are bug infestations or traces of pest problems, then these should be taken care of before the sale of the home.

If there is a sprinkler system, they should inspect that it is up and functioning. Along with the grading of the yard, so that the yard slopes away from the house, keeping water from pooling around the base of the home causing water damage.

You could request a cleaning before you move in to see if there is any damage that was missed on the inspection. If it doesn’t work out, then once the deal is sealed, hire a cleaning company to come in and clean all the corners of the home before you start moving in your belongings.

Don’t forget to do lots of research on what to look for before you buy a house. Being knowledgeable about all the things that go into house buying, can help ease stress and save you money in the long run. Best of luck in the new home adventure! If you happen to yourself in need of HVAC service and repair on your new home, give us a call today at Priority Heating!


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