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Celebration Season Is Here

Graduation season is here. College, or high school, no matter what your loved ones are graduating from there’s reason to celebrate! Here at Priority we figured this month we’d shed a little spotlight on those who deserve it most; our graduates of 2019. One of the best parts of graduating is the party that follows, all your friends and family gather to celebrate the accomplishments of your beloved students. Even if you’re just in the mood to throw a fun BBQ and don’t need a reason, here are some tips on how to throw the best party for your graduate, or just your friends!

Keep calm. If people can’t make it, so be it. Don’t sweat scheduling things, aim for when works best for you and your family. Graduation parties, BBQ’s, weddings… The summer is a busy time of the year, and some folks won’t make it no matter how hard you try! Pick a time that works best for you, send your invites whether through Facebook, the mail, or a text message, and proceed regardless of those that say they can’t make it! There will be more weekends for more grilling and good times.
Decide now what you’re doing if it rains. We don’t get a lot of rain, but it does happen, and this has been a wet spring. Keep in mind that if it does rain people might not show! Tents are a barbeque staple to keep people outside regardless of the weather. They provide cover from the rain, and shade from the sun! Best of both worlds.

Food is what everyone loves about BBQ’s, right? Maybe that’s just us… In any case, food is going to be a huge contender at a barbeque. If you’re planning an elaborate graduation party, it might be best to leave the big stuff to the professionals and hire a caterer. You could even go as far to seek out a caterer that would provide food from the place your student is going to college, or where their career path is headed. Otherwise, fire up that grill and make some of the classics, they’re classic for a reason!

Remember who the party is for. If it’s for you? Make decisions that will ensure you’re having a good time, and it fits your preferences. If it’s for your child, somebody else’s child, a friend or anybody other than yourself? Ask what their preference is, and go from there! You are celebrating them, so shouldn’t the party reflect things they enjoy?

We are so excited for graduation season, and for the summer we’re all about to see! The summer heat is rounding the corner, and everyone is preparing for big summer plans this year! It’s going to be a busy one, so make sure you’re staying cool and saving your own time! When’s the last time you had your A/C unit checked out? If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to call us up again! Wouldn’t want to throw a BBQ and be stuck in the heat, would you?



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