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CO Detectors In The Home

We’re here to talk a little sense into you, though we’re hopeful you’re already pretty sensible. If you’ve already got this, give yourself a gold star! If you don’t, we’re begging you to rethink a gigantic safety feature in your home. Carbon Monoxide has no smell, and has no taste. It can appear due to any number of the fuel burning appliances combusting in your home, releasing a fatal gas that can be detrimental to your entire family. There are approximately 200 people a year killed by CO poisoning, and more than 5,000 suffer from injuries! Every home should be equipped with a CO detector, and we’re here to tell you why.
The symptoms are hard to distinguish between that and of the common flu, so it’s hard to detect CO in a home when it feels like the bug being passed around work. You can start to gather why we’re so adamant that people should have a CO detector in the home. A CO detector is one of the safest ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning. Things like space heaters, furnaces, cooking ranges and water heaters can create massive quantities of this undetectable gas. If your appliances aren’t properly ventilated, we want you to know about it!
Recovery from CO is just as complicated as detecting it, the carbon monoxide enters your bloodstream teaming up with the hemoglobin, the vital oxygen carrying part of your blood. Once these pair, it can take up to five hours after you terminate exposure for your carboxyhemoglobin to return to the normal hemoglobin we know and love. You only need to reach 45% exposure to pass out, leaving yourself exposed and unsafe. This is not to mention the potentially catastrophic tissue damage, or fatal death.
In order to ensure the best safety, you should have a CO detector in the hallways of your home near all sleeping quarters. You should ensure that you are using all your fueled appliances correctly, and that they are properly ventilated outside the home. Hire a professional (hello!) to come in and check out your appliances, clear your vents, and install those detectors! These are not easy tasks for the everyday house-human, so do yourself a favor and give us a call! Our goal is to keep your family, your home, and you safe!


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