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Common HVAC Hazards

HVAC is a very technical industry, and due to this, there’s a large group of people that look for the DIY at home fixes. There are constantly new products on the market, and new ideas circulating on how best to maintain your HVAC system, but not every idea is a good idea. Some aftermarket fixtures are techniques are down right unsafe, and may cause long term damage to your system. Here are some common issues we encounter:

Walling off your furnace/water heater. While this may seem like a great idea in terms of aesthetic appeal to your home, it actually can be very hazardous for the machinery as well as yourself! A lack of combustion air can encourage things like flame rollout, and a lack of ventilation can mean dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide in your space. These machines need proper room and venting in order to breathe. If you have them walled off, ensure that there’s a louvered or vented door in place.

Bathroom vents that lead to the attic. The attic is a naturally warm environment, so if the vent leads into your attic you’re creating the perfect place for mold to grow. You can also develop icicles on your eaves, which damages the exterior and interior of your home. A bathroom vent should always lead to the outside, and not your attic.

Dryer ventilation. This is a teeny bit more broad, because there are multiple ways the vent could be damaging. If it’s too close to your PVC then lint can enter the system, and even your laundry products could be damaging. If it’s too close to the condenser outside, other debris can enter your HVAC system as well. The dirt and debris build up overtime which lowers the efficiency of your system.

Keeping your air vents closed. While this is a nice way to manually control the heat in certain rooms in your home, keeping these vents closed all the time makes your system work harder than necessary.

Keeping your HVAC system maintained and working properly shouldn’t be a huge hassle. As always, we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your HVAC system and home as possible. We aim to ensure that your system is up to date, and working at its best ability. This is only possible once you get us involved, so if you have any questions or repair needs, give us a call!


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