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Don’t Close Your HVAC Vents!

Don’t Close Your Vents!Don’t Close Your Vents! For many homeowners, closing off vents around the house to keep some rooms warm seems like a good idea during the winter.

Why waste energy and money warming an empty room? However, that’s not how your heating system works. By closing off vents and not properly circulating air through your HVAC system, you could be costing yourself more than you think.

Closing off vents restricts airflow throughout your home, which makes it difficult for your HVAC unit to adequately heat or cool each room in your house. This can cause uneven temperatures throughout your home and lead to higher energy costs due to overworking your furnace or AC unit.

Not only that, but closing off vents can also damage your HVAC system by making it work harder than it needs to in order to reach the desired temperature setting. This can cause serious problems down the road if you don’t address them immediately.

In addition to damaging your HVAC system, closing vents can also create pockets of trapped air within walls and ceilings that can become breeding grounds for mold and mildew growth.

Not only is this unsightly and smelly, but it can also be hazardous to those suffering from allergies or asthma if left unchecked for too long. Plus, closed-off vents could lead to condensation buildup on windows which reduces their insulation capability and increases energy costs even further.

What To Do Instead Of Closing Off Vents
The best way to ensure proper air circulation throughout your home is by keeping all of the vents open. If you notice hot or cold spots throughout rooms of your home, consider hiring an HVAC technician who will inspect and adjust any ductwork as needed in order to optimize airflow throughout your entire house.

It’s also important to have regular maintenance done on both your furnace and AC units to make sure they are running efficiently during extreme weather conditions – this will help reduce energy usage while still keeping everyone comfortable indoors.

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