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Humidity In The Home

We live in a humid state. It’s hot, sweaty, and wet all summer long. While most of us are longing for those summer days, some of us are sitting back thinking about that dreaded, damp, heavy wet we’re all about to have to suffer through. So what can each of us do to avoid dealing with that wet blanket inside our only reprieve?

Humidity inside the home can create a long list of issues. Inside the home you want your humidity level to be somewhere between 30-50%. The higher that is, the more you run the risk of things like mold, wood decay, and excessive heat. Naturally, we want to keep that down. Besides the risk you’re running up your electricity bill, high humidity in your home is just uncomfortable!
There are quite a few things you can do to lower the humidity in your home, but you’ll have to get your fellow housemates on board! On the smaller side of things, you can take shorter showers, or limit the number of plants you keep inside, which will work to keep the air a little dryer. Avoiding things that overheat or add moisture to the air will work in your favor to reduce humidity in the home, so try and keep lids on your boiling water and the shower vents on while the water is running!

Bigger projects like replacing your windows and doors may not be possible for you, but are effective for keeping air leaking in, or outside of your home! You can utilize things like storm doors, weatherstripping or plastic film, but once a door or a window has a draft, that’s the end of it. Doors and windows that leak or condensation can’t typically be resealed and will need to be replaced. While your gutters may be outside the home, they can also contribute to the humidity inside. If you don’t maintain them, they can clog and condensate, which can leak into your home adding more moisture to the air!

The simplest of ways to decrease the humidity in your home is to purchase a dehumidifier. These are great tools for keeping the moisture down, drying things out, and keeping all the members of your household comfortable. This is a simple fix for people with simple problems, and solving the humidity issue in your home isn’t always foolproof. If you’re having trouble keeping your home at the temperature you want it, and feel like you have an HVAC problem, contact us today! We can come out and troubleshoot whatever is causing you strife, and keep your home comfortable!


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