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New Year, New…Furnace?

When you think of winter, you think of cozying up next to a fireplace, with hot chocolate and a bear skin rug, right? Most of us do. All of those have one thing in common; heat. Winter in Minnesota isn’t for the weak, and one of the most important elements of your home could be in danger! Gas-powered furnaces are the most popular ways to heat the home in our day and age. They combust fuel and turn it into heat, so when improperly maintained or used incorrectly, they create dangerous or fatal problems for the residents to your home.

You will occasionally see furnaces with issues that tie back to the manufacturer, but most problems with your furnace can be attributed to faulty parts or improper maintenance. Failure to comply with the manufacturer instructions can also cause issues, so leave the install and removal of old furnace parts to the professionals! An issue with your furnace could result in natural gas leaks, which could also lead to fire, explosion or sickness from overexposure to gas. There are many things that you’ll need to know and pay attention to as a homeowner, and your furnace is a big one! You can ensure that your home and furnace are working up to par by the following things:

1. Be aware of gas heating hazards
2. Regular replacement of filters
3. Regular furnace inspections
4. All furnace repairs done by a professional
5. Know the signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

As with most things in your home, prevention is your best friend. Be prepared for next winter, and schedule your routine maintenance today to ensure you’ll have it covered when things start to get busy. A professional will come out and inspect your furnace to ensure that there are no obstructions in the airways, no cracks, tears or leaks. Regularly replace the batteries in all carbon monoxide detectors, and replace your filters based on the furnace requirements for the model you have. Improper maintenance of a furnace is one of the leading causes of failure, and furnaces are a costly investment. Nobody wants to use their tax returns on a new furnace for the house! We want to ensure that you make it through the winter, and every winter, with heat in your home! Call us today if you have any HVAC needs!


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