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Tune Up Your HVAC This Fall

Each year you go in for your yearly exam, you get a physical and ensure that your body is working in proper order. Your home operates on the same basic principle. You won’t know if something isn’t working efficiently, if you haven’t had a professional check it over. An annual inspection will allow a professional to come into your home and inspect your system to ensure that things are running smoothly, and keep potential small problems from turning into large costly ones.

*There is no real substitute for having your yearly inspection performed on your HVAC system, but you can make sure that you regularly change your air filters. Otherwise, unless you’re a licensed technician and in-the-know, leave the tune-up to a professional. Even if your technician doesn’t find anything wrong with your system, the annual tune-up often times pays for itself in the long run, as it keeps your system efficient, reduces your energy use, and extends the lifespan of your HVAC. Here are some of the best reasons you should consider entering into an annual agreement, or at least scheduling your annual tune-up for the year:
*HVAC professionals will check your electrical connections, clear accumulated dust, inspect your drainage lines, look for gas leaks, test air flow, and just all around ensure that you’re in a healthy, and warm environment all season.
*If you neglect your HVAC annual, you’re potentially voiding your warranty. Most warranties on HVAC systems require regular maintenance, and in some instances if you’ve neglected the tune-up, the company could deny coverage in case of a break-down.
*A tune-up helps ensure the safety and health of your family. Carbon monoxide can leak into your home, and a professional HVAC technician will be able to check and make sure the exhaust is working properly in your system.
The tune-up now nearly eliminates the problematic Christmas morning breakdown, meaning you’ll avoid the big winter rush of a blown furnace.

Regular maintenance can extend the lifetime of your system by several years and save you money. It’s the best of both worlds, so why wouldn’t you want to sacrifice the little extra time it takes today to schedule the appointment! Systems that have their maintenance neglected can lose 5% of their efficiency year by year, meaning you’re making up for that in electricity and gas payments. It seems simple enough, but the choice is up to you. Save yourself the time, energy and money by scheduling your fall tune-up today!


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